Saturday, July 23, 2016

Yes, Andrea, the anger is real

I think many people are angry that our country's overall prosperity hasn't enabled them or their families to escape the paycheck-to-paycheck kind of life. 

Every little city here in Virginia has one or more mills that closed in the past 40 years as manufacturing was moved somewhere offshore. There are empty shoe factories in Lynchburg, knitting mills all across the Southside, furniture factories in Bassett, Martinsville, and Pulaski, and a big nylon thread plant in Martinsville.  The list goes on.  

Displaced workers have not found, in so many cases, the kind of steady work they and their parents had in the generation following World War II. Stocking shelves with made-in-China goods, clerking at a chain store, dishing up hamburgers, these jobs are available but the pay doesn't go far and often the hours don't even qualify for benefits. 

Yes, people are angry and Donald Trump learned quickly how to stoke that anger into something dangerous.

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