Friday, March 30, 2007

A small step on a giant problem

At my home, everybody recycles -- soda bottles, newspaper bags, the papers themselves, flashlight batteries, whatever can be reused or made over into raw material. So it was heartening to read that in San Francisco, big retail stores are going to have to start packing merchandise in biodegradable bags instead of those polyethelene ones (in photo, my kitchen stash) that you see caught in bushes, hedges and street nooks of every city in the land. The ubiquitous grocery bag of the clerk's "paper or plastic?" refrain is made out of oil, perhaps 450,000 gallons a year of it for San Francisco alone, according to the green city supervisor who offered the bag ban. This will save some oil, save some landfill space, and gently point our nation toward better stewardship of our finite resources. Of course, you could always carry your own bag to the grocery, and use it over.

Here's more from the San Francisco Examiner.

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