Monday, May 08, 2006

Goss resignation from CIA goes unexplained

Porter Goss and the White House danced around the obvious question of why he was quitting the CIA. He and the president ignored the question on Friday, and no explanation was offered later. Jay Rosen reasons that Americans deserve better than that when a major presidential appointee is replaced. Here's his piece in the PressThink blog.

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Miamista said...

There was so much scandal going on at the CIA it was unbelieveable. There are investigations of the number two and number three three folks engaging in blackmail of a congressman and bribes by contractors. It would be nice if someone locally (you) would put all of the latest info on this to let us know if was Goss' fault or these things were going on well before him. The press is mum, with these things coming up in blips at the Wash Post and political journals. Pleeaaase!