Thursday, April 27, 2006

Devil's in the details of the legislative process

If you want to know how legislative mischief gets hidden, grab a look at the title of House Bill 7077. I'm not saying there IS mischief in this multi-purpose transportation bill, now ready for second reading in the Florida House -- just that it wouldn't have been hard to hide it in the bramble thicket of type describing the bill's many purposes. Out of curiosity I copied the title to my word processor and clustered the items that seemed to be related. The resulting document was four pages. By my count, you could have made 42 different bills of this thing. They're clustered because they're supposedly all routine matters with no policy implications.

It's a good lesson: Anyone looking for local impact in the legislative process needs to read every bill carefully. Miamians, there are some gems for us near the end of the title.

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