Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A wrap for "West Wing"

My favorite TV show for years has been NBC's West Wing. I haven't managed to follow it very well, for personal reasons, but every time I do catch the show I am moved by the respect the writers and actors show for a life of public service. Well, this week I read in the Miami Herald that this is the show's last season. Am so sorry. Anyone know where I can find tapes? Hmmm, maybe it will go into reruns.

By the way, did you know that NBC's website for the show provides additional topical reading for each episode -- an article on Kazakhastan, a link to an education reform organization, a piece about the French ban on dwarf-tossing. Hey, you can't get more eclectic than the topics this show has covered!

The show.

Some more from the Herald's TV writer, Glenn Garvin.

And, for real fans, the unofficial West Wing Continuity Guide.

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