Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Back at the desk

The Christmas holiday in New England was fun and thoroughly relaxing. The rain didn't spoil our daughter's ski plans, and the plunging temperature on New Year's eve was manageable even for thin-blooded Floridians.

We went into Boston for First Night, with snow falling on the Commons as the parade passed by (see the Mardi Gras-style bird), and fireworks afterward. We caught the 7 o'clock show, then ducked into The Last Hurrah -- a great urban watering-hole in the famed Parker House Hotel -- for delicious stew and brandy-laced coffee. After another walk in the park we were lured into the historic Park Avenue Church by the free cocoa and hot cider, and stayed for a Christian pop concert that was upbeat and life-affirming. By the time we came out, all train rides were free and we trundled homeward in the snow-muffled city. A lovely evening, and to bed just minutes after midnight.

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