Thursday, December 01, 2005

Iraqi scandal "stinks"

The president of the Society of Professional Journalists, Dave Carlson of the University of Florida, checks in on the "pay for play" scandal (see earlier post) in Iraq:
"This stinks. . . . Passing off propaganda as news is a heinous practice, one that all Americans should detest and protest."

There's more response here.

Your host adds that, even if the paid placements were factual, as was asserted in the NYTimes, they were printed under false colors and thereby misled their audience. They corrupted the institution we supposedly are attempting to nourish. And now that this has been found out, the Iraqis have a right to be yet more cynical about whether Americans have any honest intentions in their country.

What angers me most, and most personally, is that these paid placements call into question the integrity of all journalists.

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