Monday, November 28, 2005

Louisiana to D.C.: Save Us

From a writer at the Baton Rouge daily, some of the frustrations of hurricane recovery:
The unreality of the debate about loaning St. Bernard Parish money is breathtaking viewed from down here. But it’s only a small part of how Louisianians resent what’s going on post-Katrina and post-Rita.

God knows we’re grateful for those who came and helped. Outside my window were ambulances from Yuma and Spartanburg, Coast Guardsmen and Marines, volunteers from across the country. Thousands came to work long hours and save many lives.

But once the rescue was over came life with FEMA. A bloated bureaucracy installed itself at Camp FEMA, a huge former department store near downtown Baton Rouge. Security enforces a separation from the community only slightly less stringent than Baghdad’s Green Zone.

More aspects of the Gulf Coast situation coming over the next several days at the SouthNow blog, a political junkie's delight at UNC Chapel Hill.

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