Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Time for a return to the rails

When Florida was considering development of a high-speed rail corridor between Tampa and Orlando, I was hopeful something like that might be built out of Miami as well. Here's an argument that supports the idea. The writer notes the traffic jams in Houston and the utter inability to evacuate New Orleans ahead of this summer's hurricanes Rita and Katrina. High-speed rail, he says, could have taken fleeing thousands off the highways and saved anguish as well as life. It could work for South Florida, too. Remember the creeping traffic on Interstate 95 as Hurricane Andrew approached?

Here is Otis White, normally found in Governing magazine, writing today in the New York Times:

For decades, two myths have stymied efforts to develop intercity rail systems outside the Northeast: that rail can't compete with cars and airplanes and that the only region where passenger rail has been successful, the Northeast, has unique characteristics. Both are wrong.

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