Monday, September 26, 2005

A Story Better Told in Print

Once you get past the headlines and the raw emotion in a big news story like the recent flooding of Louisiana and Mississippi, if you want to understand the why and the "what next" you really need a good newspaper, not TV or the Internet. As most of us in the business acknowledge, it takes a serious newspaper to invest the time and energy in the necessary digging for facts that aren't standing out in broad daylight.

David Carr, on today's New York Times business front, makes this point especially well. Here is Carr:

Will New Orleans be a real city again, or just Disneyland with Jell-O shots?

Those are not questions that get asked or answered much on television. The New Orleans story needed the big muscles of print journalism to gain custody of facts that seemed beyond comprehension. People could Google their way through the storm, but for a search engine to really work, you need women and men on the ground asking difficult questions and digging past the misinformation and panic that infect a big story.

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