Thursday, September 01, 2005

No alternative

The key moment in my favorite college course probably came when Professor Herman Thomas confirmed my observation that the natural inclination of business seemed to be to combine -- to the point of monopoly. So it was no surprise to learn that the "alternative" press, as embodied in the Miami New Times and the venerable Village Voice, both now linked commercially to sister papers of the same ilk, may be wrapped into a single combine. Sigh...

Here's more about the possible merger.

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Stanley Watkins said...

If one wonders about the rising gasoline prices, one need go no further that the gist of this column. The prices have little to do with supply and demand or natural disasters, but with the diminishing number of retail suppliers of fuel. Gone are Gulf, Texaco, Amoco, Pure, Atlantic, Mobil, Flying A, and in this part of the country, Sunoco. BP is Brittish, Shell is Belgian, and Citgo is owned by who knows? The competition for your business in almost non-existant. Why not raise prices at will? A corporation can creatively explain (that is, spin)any price increase and disavow all responsibility for it. These folks, after all, are not greed driven merchants, but public servants caught in the ever burgeoning stranglehold of OPEC and its minions. It is to weep.