Friday, January 07, 2005

Tweaking Firefox's tail

Not everyone is as sold on Mozilla's Firefox as I am. George Ou, in a piece headlined Firefox has much to learn, passes along the points that Peter Torr of Microsoft raised as flaws in the new browser.

The Ou/Torr critique is offered here in a spirit of fairness. My appreciation for Firefox is growing still. The only hitch I've encountered is that the browser locks up when I try to back out of an Acrobat pdf. The guru at Mozilla recommends that XP users get v. 7 of the Acrobat reader, and since I downloaded from Adobe yesterday it looks like smooth sailing again.

Here's to the Fox!

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liz said...

Thanks for the tip, John, will upgrade Adobe right away. Although this isn't one of the glitches I've been getting with Firefox: I can use Microsoft's Exchange Web with it but get no response when I click on 'reply' so have to go to Explorer to do that. Factiva gives me an 'unauthorized browser' message and doesn't work. And, every once in awhile Firefox just crashes, shutting down and losing all my browser windows. That has happened a lot less since I upgraded to 1.0, but it's still frustrating -- I think it's happened once since November.
I still love Firefox, though, and would never give it up. Liz.