Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Beat the IE blahs

I've been looking for years for an alternative to Microsoft's browser, and the more I learned about IE's vulnerabilities to malice the more inclined I was to try something new. Three versions of Netscape disappointed me, despite attractive features. Opera runs nicely but I never much liked the interface. And now there's Firefox, from the Mozilla open-source project. What a great experience!

After less than a week I'm ready to recommend Firefox without reservation. It loads all kinds of sites with delightful speed, has tweaked the bookmark folders to a more usable format, and it has vanquished those popups that annoyed me at popular sites like CBS Marketwatch. I can't comment yet on the oft-praised tabbed browsing, but I'll try it soon. Meanwhile, if you want to download, buy a CD or just read more, here's where to go:

Firefox - Rediscover the web

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